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Welcome to our multi-day tour to La Maddalena Archipelago National Park and Costa Smeralda


Before you go ahead with this text we want to inform our visitors that wild camping in Sardinia is forbidden all over the island, do not risk a fine (a penalty) or worse a denunciation, follow our reccomandation!


On this page you can find many ideas to plan your next kayak holiday in Sardinia with your family, your friends or your kayak club.


Best months to discover Sardinia on a multi-day tour are:

  • second half of May
  • June
  • first half of July
  • September

La Maddalena Archipelago is an authentic paradise of 7 islands surrounded by an emerald and unpolluted sea and immersed in a spectacular naturalistic area with the typical Sardinian rocks and the lush Mediterranean vegetation which especially in summer is heavily scented with myrtle.
All along the coastline beautiful coves and ancient fortifications, dolphins can sometimes be spotted!!!


Our KAYAK BASE CAMP (click here to read more about the BASE CAMP) is between La Maddalena Archipelago and Costa Smeralda.


We can design the tour on your specific needs and desires:

  1. five day trips starting from our KAYAK BASE CAMP if you want to enjoy the comfort of tents, boungalows, showers; wake up, jump in the kayak and go !
  2. a multi day tour between 2-4 different campsites-villages if you want to feel more adventurous
  3. some day trips from our BASE CAMP and other trips moving by car and kayak-trailer if you want to see Costa Smeralda, Golfo Aranci and other places.

In the first case you can also choose to sleep in my village (San Pantaleo) to enjoy the local lifestyle with us.




PATH 1 - Caprera - Garibaldi’s island
Highlights: beautiful coves, ancient fortifications, amazing beaches
Discover why and when the Giuseppe Garibaldi has lived in this beautiful island !


PATH 2 - La Maddalena island
Highlights:  La Maddalena Island and its rock formations


PATH 3 - Santo Stefano Island - Napoleon’s path
Highlights:  beautiful coves, old Nato Base, fortification of the Napoleon age, ancient granite quarry, II world war monuments.
Find out why and when the Napoleon’s Navy has been on this island !


PATH 4 - Palau - Admiral Nelson’s path
Highlights:  beautiful coves, amazing rock formations, Palau, Nelson Bay.
Find out why and when the British Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson has been along this amazing coastline !


PATH 5 - Bay of Cannigione and lagoon
Highlights: beautiful beaches, lagoon, waterbirds
The bay of Cannigione is located in front of La Maddalena Archipelago, it’s a wind protected bay which allows to paddle safely relaxed. There are nice beaches, the little Figs island, a nice lagoon, where with a little luck we may see the amazing pink flamingos.


PATH 6 - Spargi Island
Highlights: beautiful beaches, amazing rock formations


PATH 7 - Costa Smeralda
Highlights: beautiful beaches, crystal water !


- from 18 years old
- must be able to swim
- must be in good physical condition

- to paddle between the islands participants must have level 2 (EPP, BCU, ACA) or good knowledge of sea kayaking, used to manage a kayak in wind and waves. Those who doesn’t know rescue technique can learn it in a lesson before coming to us otherwise can practice with us before the trip

- must declare the number of hours they are used to paddle