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Safety is the main goal during our activities, it has a cost, and we don't want to save money up, your safety is very important for us.

Safety depends mainly on prevention: "a good guide is not the one who will solve the problem, but the one who avoids problems".

- pre-trip briefing
- restricted number of participants
- high quality kayaks
- safety gear
- trained guides
- respect of rules (when possible)
- leadership
- risk assesment

- emergency plan
- rescue boats

Here are some specifications for each point.

Pre-trip briefing

Before starting a trip we spend about 15 minutes talking of safety and rules.


Restricted number of participants

The number of participants is restricted:

- in case of beginners 6-8 per time (per guide),

- in case of experts 8-10 per time (per guide)


High quality kayaks
We use high quality kayaks (P&H Scoprio and Tiderace Vortex) they are both stable and easy to use in wind and waves, they have a skeg to keep the right direction.


Safety gear
We use all the standard gear that a guide should have + extra gear that we think is better to have.


Trained guides
All people who work here (when needed for big groups) are trained for prevention and rescue, they must have an international certification like EPP (Euro Paddle Pass), BCU (British Canoe Union) or ACA (American Canoe Association).


Respect of rules (when possible)
Respect of rules is important to avoid accidents, but in a particular case your guide could decide "not to respect a rule for your safety": for instance he could decide to land somewhere even if not allowed, cases like these are already discussed with the Coast Guard.



Leadership is a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual to guide other people. If you hire a guide, follow his advices.


Risk assesment

In case of weather conditions considered unsafe we cancel the trip. Depending on the agreements we can refund the payment or we propose other outdoor activities such as sailing or land-based activities.


Emergency plan

In case of incident or bad weather during a trip, a guide should have an emergency plan.


Rescue boats
Even if we respect all this points, in our base camp we have availability of 3 rescue boat (RIB boats).